Funding Opportunities

On the basis of the open innovation model, policy makers are also increasingly stimulating SMEs to develop their skills exploring opportunities together with research institutions and universities, as the establishments of such kind of relationship is crucial for successful innovation in SMEs.

Informazioni rispetto ai bandi aperti e le possibilità di ricevere grants and funding per questo genere di iniziative. Link a bandi aperti per far rete in italia?


Knowledge transfer schemes

Knowledge transfer is critical to enable businesses to compete successfully at the forefront of global technology and innovation. Knowledge Transfer Networks can facilitate SMEs to connect, collaborate and find out about new opportunities in key research and technology sectors. 



Horizon 2020 is a new, €77 billion European funding programme available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) which will support research and innovation and drive the creation of new growth and jobs in Europe.   An organisation of any type or size can participate in Horizon 2020 and benefit from being part of pan-European consortia sharing knowledge, skills and experience.

If you participate in Horizon 2020, you could:

  • achieve something that's too big to do alone
  • collaborate across a value chain
  • utilise your organisation's technology and/or know-how that is essential to a solution
  • gain access to science and technology
  • gain access to skills and expertise you don't have
  • find opportunities to trial innovative solutions.
  • Cross border activity of this nature is particularly important as economic success increasingly depends on the capacity to compete at a global level.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are a key focus for Horizon 2020. At least 20% of the combined Horizon 2020 budget is dedicated to SME support. There is a new three-stage SME instrument available for single companies and collaborations, and a single set of rules with simplified and shorter procedures. Together with the Eurostars programme, this makes Horizon 2020 a good source of support for SMEs.


Innovation Vouchers

ICT Innovation voucher schemes will be funded through the EU structural and investment funds to allow regional authorities to help SMEs access know-how and technology and give incentives to universities, research centres and other accredited knowledge/service providers to work with SMEs.


International partners

The Enterprise Europe Network is a key instrument to help small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market.