The following links realate to organizations who provide research about Shared Value practicies

FSG Company

FSG’s international teams work across sectors by partnering with foundations, corporations, nonprofits, and governments in every region of the globe to develop more effective solutions to the world’s most challenging social issues. The goal is to help organizations and companies – individually and collectively – create greater and more effective social change.

Center 4 Shared Value

Founded in November 2013 within the Department of Management, University of Torino, Italy, the Center for Shared Value aims at bridging the gap between Shared Value theory and practice, by providing:

  • National and International Research;

  • University and Executive training courses;

  • Consulting and advisory activities for profit and not for profit organisations on ethics, sustainability, stakeholders engagement and other managerial issues.

Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness

Based at the Harvard Business School, the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness is dedicated to the study of competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions, and cities; and the relationship between competition and society. The Institute seeks to develop new theory, assemble bodies of data to test and apply the theory, and disseminate its ideas widely to scholars and practitioners in business, government, and non-governmental organizations such as universities, economic development organizations, and foundations.

The Institute is led by Michael E. Porter.

Shared Value Project

It is a forum for creating Shared Value in Australia. The Shared Value Projects now working with government agencies such as Skills Victoria, community advocates like COTA Victoria, and business leaders Citywide Services to develop an exciting shared value program.