Shared Value Living Lab, namely the creation of a shared value through a partnership between Universitiy and companies.




The living lab is a method of cooperation where private and public subjects, students and in general the stakeholders, study and creates together new products or services,using new models of business and new technologies.

Through the activity of the living lab the usefulness of the products or technologies are verified and tested. This activity allows to verify if a solution is sustainable, combining it with the perspective of the final user and the customer during the development of the project. This process establishes a system of co­creation,co­development and co­generation.

The Living Labs aim to create the conditions of a mutual ­created innovation according to the concept of: “learning together”.They are often generated from pre­existent webs(cluster) and they stay focused on a specific sector, which is organized in a structured way(like an association).Despite of the common ground our living lab is completely different from the others, both in the way the members work and the dimension and fields of innovation.





The project consists in the creation of a "laboratory of ideas", which is a working group composed of students of the school of Management and economics, under the supervision of faculty representatives, research and test possible solutions to the problems of companies concerning the economic, social and environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility andthe network economy.

The aim is therefore to contribute simultaneously to the economic development of the local business environment and of young professional graduates.

The interaction students/universities/companies allows them to expand their contacts' network enabling the development of innovative ideas, the ability to anticipate customer needs and, consequently, the opportunity to acquire a competitive advantage over competitors. In addition, involving students, it contributes to the formation of highly professional figures who are able to interface with the labour market efficiently.

The project hopes to solve several needs:

  • To form high­qualified professional figures involving the students in “learning by doing”activities, so they can acquire confidence, logic and mindset useful on the job market.
  • To develop the economic and entrepreneurial pattern of Torino and Piemonte, involving directly the companies. It's not centered only on the company, but also on the common good.
  • To encourage an ethic,sympathetic and socially responsible, which can combine sustainable profits through sustainable business models.
  • To create new scientific knowledge about shared value, multi­stakeholder interaction, new models for teaching responsible management.
  • To cooperate with other player,also from other regions and countries, to spread a new and more sustainable managerial culture.