Through a cooperation with the companies, the students will offer their skills developed during their training courses. One of the main aims is to create a new cooperation between the territory’s companies and the University, another one is to solve their problems, with many tools inspired by the concept of shared value, to create competitive advantages. We offer to the companies:

● Sustainability
report development ­
Materiality assessment. ­
Choice between key points to insert in the report. ­
Benchmark analysis of competitors’ sustainability report.

● Stakeholdership ­Stakeholder’s analysis.
Development of stakeholder engagement’s strategies.
Living lab’s activities.

● Accountability­Social impact assessment

● Network’s development between profit­non profit organizations.

The business cases proposed by the companies will be analized by groups of students (3­4), which will expose their proposal, then the company will choose the more suitable solution for its needs. Eventually the chosen solution will be shown to the company during a pitch which will take place in the campus.